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2022 Re-cap

The real estate headlines in 2022 were all about inflation, interest rate increases and the impact on buyer confidence and ultimately sales.

Here is how it played out in Tuolumne County, comparing 2022 to 2021:
• Residential Sales: -27%
• Average Price: +9%
• Median Price: +11%

As the year progressed, we saw fewer multiple offers and fewer sales. This put some downward pressure on prices. Taking a look at the 4th quarter of 2022 compared to Q4 in 2021:
• Residential Sales: -43%
• Average Price: -8%
• Median Price: no percentage change

And while it is still too early to give a report on January, comparing the number of sales as of January 15 over the past few years shows the year is starting slower:
• 2023- 14 sales
• 2022- 31 sales
• 2021- 41 sales

If you look at the graphic showing pre vs post-pandemic appreciation, you will see a significant increase. This is not sustainable and while industry experts are not predicting a freefall in prices this year, many are predicting prices to continue to soften and stabilize.

My Tuolumne Top Ten

So, this is kind of fun. Below is the very first blog post I ever wrote. It goes back to 2010 and is titled My Tuolumne Top Ten. I’m kind of laughing that the DMV made the list. I would say the list is still pretty right on except it is sad to see some of the businesses I loved no longer around. I need to replace some of my favorite restaurants….I’ll change Villa de Oro, Azzo’s and Bon Appetite (boy do I miss them) with Standard Pour, Emberz and The Service Station. So Here is my post:

Selling Real Estate, I often talk to people who are thinking of relocating to Tuolumne County. Since I’m still a “newbie”, having moved here in 2005, I’m often asked, “Are you glad you moved here; would you do it again?” My answer is always YES & YES.

There are many things I love about living in Tuolumne County but my Top Ten are:

#1 The People: I noticed it right away. The people in Tuolumne County are quick to smile and always take the time for a friendly hello. And when someone is in need you’ve never seen a community rally together more quickly. Yes, the folks in Tuolumne County are there for each other.

#2 The Drivers: I know, this is really a sub-category of People but the Drivers here are so polite that after almost 4 years I’m still amazed. Granted, I did move here from the L.A. area where the even nicest people can turn crazy as soon as they get behind the wheel. Not so in Tuolumne County. Here, drivers not only stop for pedestrians, but also other cars. Even when they don’t have to!

#3 The Farmers Market: It is just about ready to open for the season and I can’t wait. The perfect way to start a Saturday morning is with a cup of Mother Lode Coffee at the market and to leisurely peruse the stands for the freshest and best looking fruits and veggies.

#4 The Restaurants: Villa de Oro, Azzo’s, Seven Sisters, Bon Appetite, Diamond Back, The Ahwahnee just to name a few. We have EXCELLENT restaurants in Tuolumne County.

#5 Yosemite: Stunning. And did I mention the Ahwahnee?

#6 The Grocery Stores: Call me crazy but I love to go grocery shopping and we’ve got some great stores. It’s fun to shop gourmet at the Twain Harte & Tuolumne Markets. Cost-U-Less is always a great value and the thrill of what’s new (& cheap) at the Grocery Outlet can’t be beat. Everyday shopping? Save Mart or Safeway (love the new remodel) are perfect.

#7 The Boutiques: The Princess Shop, Polka Dot, Back Space, and more. They make it easy to shop local.

#8 The Lakes: New Melones, Don Pedro, Pinecrest. For boating, wakeboarding or just sunbathing, there’s no better place to be on a hot summer day.

#9 The DMV: I know this one is weird, but I truly believe we have the most amazing DMV in the world. It is clean, the lines are relatively short, and the employees are, you guessed it, FRIENDLY. I’ve never walked out of our DMV without saying “wow”.

#10 The Air: It smells so crisp and fresh. I’ve been living here almost 4 years and yet every morning I still step out to my backyard with my cup of coffee, take a deep breath and feel lucky to be living in such a wonderful place.

What do you love about Tuolumne County? I’d love to hear.

Are You Claiming Your Tax Exemption?

Did you know... If you own and occupy your home as your principal residence on January 1, you may apply for a homeowner’s exemption. This exemption reduces your assessed value on the annual assessment roll by up to $7,000. and... If you change your principal residence, you must apply for an exemption on your new property. Check out this link on the Tuolumne County web-site for more information as well as access to the Homeowner Exemption Form and information on the Disabled Veteran's Exemption.

Escaping the City

July 2020 saw a 40% increase in the number of Residential Home Sales in Tuolumne County as compared to July 2019 (141 vs 101). There are multiple factors contributing to this increase including low interest rates and low inventory. Also adding to the increased sales is the increased number of Central Valley and Bay Area residents escaping the city life and moving to the foothills. According to Realtor Magazine, "Nearly 30% of respondents living in a high-density urban area say that the pandemic is prompting them to want to move by the end of the year...This is more than double the rate of those living in rural parts of the country, where residents are much more likely to stay put rather than relocate." Retiring to the foothills in not a new trend, but the ability to work from home has given working people more flexibility. And with that flexibility, we are seeing more families relocate here as they realize their country dream does not have to wait until they retire.

Color Personality: Blue

After a decade of industrial grey walls, stark white kitchens, and minimalistic décor, it’s time for some color. Blues are a great choice; and one of my favorites. In fact, at home Charlie and my sofa is a bold and deep blue. We love it! Blue can be peaceful and soothing, confident and bold or as refreshing as a dip in the pool. Here is a range of blues you may like: • Classic blues are elegant and have been used by blue bloods for centuries. Inspired by the royal and sapphire hues found in the Far East, the West adopted these shades into collectible porcelain china such as Delft and Staffordshire and in fabric patterns such as toile. These shades are popular in kitchens and dining rooms, because blues offset the heat of oven fires and cook-tops. • Soothing blues are pale, muted with grey or warmed with undertones of yellow. Pastel blues can be wonderful in bedrooms and baths, or wherever you seek serenity. • Floral and avian blues like bluebonnet, periwinkle, peacock and robin’s egg can be delightful as accents against neutrals. They bring the outdoors inside, perfect for living rooms or dens with large windows and vistas. • Contemporary blues tend to be vivid and intense, such as the iconic Tiffany blue or cobalt. These colors are most effectively used as statements in rooms without a lot of clutter. • Deep water blues are natural in seaside and lakeside homes. From aqua to navy, your home will pay homage to local water-faring activities, like fishing and sailing. The versatility of blue is unlimited. It complements all other colors, like the sky complements the earth.